Stenographer In Chicago Provides In-Court And Out-of-Court Services

A stenographer is a person with a special set of skills. Over the years, this type of work has evolved and made more use of technological advances. The person who becomes a stenographer in Chicago or elsewhere must have a particular set of characteristics and skills in order to perform the job in a satisfactory manner. Read further to learn more about how stenographers help capture and report oral conversations and records.

The individual performing the work must be detail-oriented. Obviously, the accuracy of any written report is crucial in legal and contractual matters. Settlements and criminal matters and testimony are all based on precision and accuracy. The recording professional uses high-quality recording equipment to capture each word so that it can be transcribed quickly and accurately.

Manual dexterity is another important characteristic, but not a deal-breaker, thanks to the evolving technology. The operation of the stenographic equipment is part of a dual oral capture process. The recorder uses specialized equipment to enter a running record of the testimony or deposition so it can be read back immediately if needed. The same oral testimony is also recorded digitally. Finally, a written transcript can be prepared.

The training for this type of position requires learning the operation of the devices used to record the words. In addition, because legal terms are utilized, the operator must have a working knowledge of the appropriate terms in order to use them correctly in the transcribed records. Specialized training usually does not take too long for the dedicated person to complete.

Another characteristic that is important in this type of position is professionalism. This is a trait that is somewhat harder to define but includes traits such as being on time and ready to work when appointments are set. Communication skills and good interpersonal relations are also helpful in presenting a professional demeanor to those hiring the services.

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