“As an attorney with the City of Chicago – Department of Law, Individual Defense Litigation Division, I have had the pleasure of working with L.A. Court Reporters, LLC. Most recently in the matter of Reyes v. City of Chicago, et al., Case No 98 C 1136, L.A. Court Reporters, LLC did a wonderful job providing courteous and professional services during the depositions of four of my clients.

In my estimation, L.A. Court Reporters, LLC has proven that they are capable of handling a wide variety of litigation needs for the City of Chicago. The staff at L.A. Court Reporters, LLC has shown that they are able to meet the demanding needs of the City’s Law Department with efficient and reliable services. Futhermore, L.A. Reporting’s technological support will enable the Law Department to keep pace with the many advances taking place in the modern practice of law.

With pleasure, I am able to recommend L.A. Court Reporters, LLC as a valuable addition to the legal support staff for the City of Chicago – Department of Law. In the event that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contract the undersigned.”

Michael P. Sheehan

Assistant Corporation Counsel

“The Illinois Pollution Control Board has had the pleasure of working with Lori Ann Asauskas and the staff of L.A. Court Reporters, LLC for the past three years. L.A. Court Reporters, LLC has been awarded a court reporting contract with the Board for the last three consecutive fiscal years. The firm consistently provides timely and accurate transcripts in a professional manner. Technical information is an integral part of our hearings and the court reporters have done an excellent job in reporting this complex information.

The Board has established a pleasurable working relationship with Lori and her staff at L.A. Court Reporters, LLC and they have done an outstanding job for the Board.”

Kathy L. Griffin

Fiscal Officer

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