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At L.A. Court Reporters, LLC, we’re committed to providing premium court reporting, deposition, videography, and litigation support services at an affordable rate.

Our agency has the experience and the innovative technology to handle all of your court reporting needs. Our offices call each docket department or secretary on Friday afternoons to determine the next week’s schedule to ensure complete coverage. We confirm each assignment the day before and ensure all job details are accurate

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    We provide the following primary services:

    • Transcript Delivery: standard, one-week, expedited, two-day, daily, or immediate delivery available

    • Electronic Files provided in any format needed txt (ASCII) pdf, ptx

    • Real-time Reporting Capability

    • Videographers

    • Interpreters

    • In-house Exhibit Duplication Services

    • Document Imaging: All testimony and exhibits are securely scanned and uploaded in our online document repository. Call the office for your password.

    • Document Management/Case Management

    • Nationwide Process Servers

    • Statewide, nationwide, and international coverage

    • 24/7/365 Document Repository

    Client Payment Options:

    • We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

    • COD

    • 15-day payment schedule

    • QuickBooks

    • 30-day payment schedule

    • Quarterly payment schedule

    Benefits of Working with L.A. Court Reporters:

    • No additional charges for premium quality video, evidence, telephonic and video conference depositions.

    • We can accommodate your work locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally.

    • Standby work welcome without charge while awaiting call.

    • No cancellation fees with 24-hour notice

    • No mileage charges.

    • No travel charged unless the time exceeds one hour, or unless other arrangements have been made when arranging deposition.

    • Full-time secretarial staff to answer any questions or concerns.

    • Our offices routinely have a minimum of one court reporter in the office for a last-minute scheduling.

    • Full-service conference room facilities.

    • Timely witness affidavit/errata page dissemination.

    • Routine spot-checks on all transcripts

    Have Questions?

    If you have any questions regarding our litigation support company or any of the premium services we provide, we invite you to contact us today!