We’re Ranked Among The Best Chicago Court Reporting Agencies

Working with local court reporting firms can sometimes prove frustrating. When smaller companies have limited employees in-house, they aren’t always able to meet the needs of local jurisdictions. At L. A. Court Reporters, we have a nearly unlimited talent pool. Not only does this mean that we’re well staffed enough to dispatch seasoned professionals on even the busiest days, but we also have a lot of skills at our disposal that other providers lack. Read on to find out why we’re ranked among the best Chicago court reporting agencies available.

You can contact us for video-recorded deposition. Our transcriptions offer error-free results and work fast. We also offer exhibit duplication so that attorneys can share the necessary documents with opposing sides, telecommunication to modem services, and more. We also offer comprehensive document management solutions while promising the utmost safety and confidentiality. When it comes to handling sensitive documents, we work with our clients as compliance partners.

We also have multi-lingual professionals to dispatch. They can assist with depositions when one or more parties doesn’t speak English or when non-English video depositions need transcribed. This level of flexibility helps our clients keep things moving forward even when the unexpected arises.

Text video integration and case management are also among our team’s skills. There’s very little that we can’t do to make life easier for federal agencies and attorneys. Best of all, we have a verifiable history of many successfully completed projects. We carefully vet everyone on our team for honesty, integrity, and a commitment to providing consistently excellent workmanship.

If you don’t have the time to get tedious jobs done or lack the in-house talent you need, we are always here to help. Our extensive experience in the legal field has helped us streamline our services to support the vast and constantly changing needs of of the agencies, corporations, and people we serve. If you’ve tried your hand with other court reporting firms and want to work with the best court reporters in Chicago instead, call L. A. Court Reporters at 312-419-9292 now!

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