Roles Of A Remote Court Reporting Agency

To understand our services better, one needs to know who a stenotype operator is. This is a person who captures proceedings’ testimony through a stenographic device or machine and converts the information captured into a transcript that is officially certified. A remote court reporting agency should have trained, certified and licensed operators.

Our reporters can be found in trials, depositions, courtroom hearings, and sworn statements. We basically serve as a production house with clients ranging from trade associations to law firms, state agencies, and meeting planners.

Our reporters will provide premium court reporting, litigation support services, videography, and depositions at a reasonable fee. Our agency has sufficient resources to serve all of our client’s tribunal report needs. We have direct contacts to the respective departments and secretaries who give us the schedule for the following week. We never miss any scheduled tribunal proceeding.

All assignments have to be confirmed early enough to ensure the agency does not miss anything. The firm basically offers services to interpreters, transcript delivery, sending electronic files, real-time reporting, document imaging, case management, national-wide process servers, national-wide coverage, and duplication of in-house exhibits.

We do offer document repository and our services are 24/7. We can convert electronic files into formats like text, ptx and pdf according to the clients’ preference. We scan exhibits and testimonies and upload them in our document depository which is online and accessible at any time to our clients.

Our online platforms are password-protected to secure the data. This is why we give passwords to our clients. We have various modes of payment including Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. The benefits of working with L. A. Court Reporters are affordable rates for telephonic, quality video, video conference depositions, and evidence among other benefits.

Since we have a wide range of coverage, we comfortably take care of local clients, national, and international clients. We do not charge any fees in case of cancellation within 24 hours and we also do not charge mileage fees.

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