An Introduction To Court Reporters In Cook County

The job of a court reporter can be very varied and there is a lot of tasks that they need to do. A court reporter is the silent person within the court and their aim is to document what happens within the court. The duty of the court reporters in Cook County is to record what happens within the court, either through written notes or through electronic recordings using a system that has been approved by the supreme court in Illinois.

All transcripts that are prepared need to be approved by the supreme court and the reporter needs to follow the rule that is set out by the supreme court. The official court reporters office employs twenty one specialists who deal with digital recordings and one hundred and eighty seven court reporters.

The transcripts from the court reporters need to be submitted to the required location either in person or by telephone. The court reports office operates traditional office hours.

There are certain parts of information that need to be contained within the transcript, which includes the name, address and telephone number of the person who has done the transcript, the date of the hearing, the case name and number, the courtroom number and the name of the judge. Before the order is processed a deposit payment needs to be paid and then the balance of the fee is due when the transcript order is complete.

There are a number of legal agencies that will undertake court reporting work, and these are approved by the supreme court. Before someone can become a court reporter, they need to have obtained certain qualifications which include a certificate in shorthand, they need to be a resident in the State of Illinois and they need to have passed the proficiency examination which is administered by the Department of Financial and Professional regulation in Illinois.

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