Why Our Virtual Court Reporting Service Is Currently A Top Choice

When you need a court reporter for your video-recorded depositions or exhibit duplication, LA Reporting is the best company to call. We have the real-time capability and we’re staffed by a diverse and incredibly talented team of professionals. Following are several reasons why our virtual court reporting service is currently a top choice among law firms, companies, and other organizations in need of shorthand or stenography support.

In an age in which many people are fearful of communicable illness, being able to work with a remote court reporting agency can be incredibly helpful. You can still have access to a certified court reporter. More importantly, you still have the assurance of fast and incredibly accurate results.

We do not need to have in-person contact in order to get the job done. Not only does this provide greater ease of compliance with public health regulations, but it can also help cut costs. There is no need to pay for airfare or hotel accommodations. Instead, everything can be handled online and with the latest and most cutting-edge communication technologies.

Our team operates both nationally and internationally. Many of our clients are in the Chicago area, but we also work with companies in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, and abroad. Moreover, we have multi-lingual persons on our staff and people who are well-familiar with the business conduct and etiquette that is used in many overseas locations.

Professionalism and timeliness are two things that we’re known for. You can trust our contracted parties to arrive on time, whether meeting virtually on in a physical setting. You can also rest assured that they’ll be fully equipped and prepared for the task at hand irrespective of how out of the ordinary or complex your project may be. Do you need a virtual court reporter in your area? If you do, call (312) 419-9292 to take advantage of our freelance court reporting services today!

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