What Your Court Reporting Agency In Chicago Wants You To Know

Do you need a court reporting agency in Chicago? L. A. Court Reporters have trusted experts in Chicago and its environs. Call (312) 419-9292 to take advantage of our freelance reporting services today! Here’s what we want you to know about getting the most out of your depositions.

Have an introduction

Always have an introduction at the start of the deposition. State your name, the company you work for and your business card. This allows for a proper start to the proceedings. Also, introduce any witnesses properly. Tell them to state their name, address and any other relevant information.

Speak clearly

Always speak loudly and clearly. Additionally, instruct any witnesses and any other person involved in the case to be loud and clear. Avoid having many people talking simultaneously. Being audible makes it possible for the certified court reporters to hear everything being said. It also prevents interference.

Allow for breaks

The work done by freelance court reporters is mentally and physically demanding. Ensure regular breaks. This can be after every hour or an hour and a half. Moreover, it’s suitable to allow for lunch breaks.

State your expectations

There are various reasons for conducting depositions. Hence, state your expectations clearly at the beginning of the session. It’s also important that you highlight any special circumstances. We’ll be happy to accommodate your requests.

Don’t get carried away

At some point, there will likely be heated arguments. However, don’t get carried away and forget about the deposition. Remember that the record should be as clear as possible. Therefore, avoid interruptions and talking over each other.

Prepare the witness

Let the witness know what is expected of them. This makes it easier for them to cooperate during the deposition. They will know how to carry themselves out while we’re working. This will result in a streamlined process and reduce interruptions.

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