Top Four Things Any Reputable Deposition Stenographer Near Me In Chicago Will Recommend

Every party attending proceedings in a court wants depositions to run smoothly and end at the anticipated. The process becomes more productive for you, easy for the stenographer to record, and less stressful for witnesses when there is a seamless flow. However, you may be unaware of crucial things you can do to enhance the making of an excellent record while increasing efficiency and clarity. The discussion below outlines key things every reliable deposition stenographer near me in Chicago would like you to do.

Give information in Advance

It is always essential to provide relevant information to ease the court reporter’s work and ensure the deposition flows appropriately. We advise you to give a deposition notice once you schedule it to help our reporters review crucial information such as venues, appearances, name spellings, and case numbers. Such a move allows us to establish the attorneys’ names as spellings, among other fundamental aspects. Provide any written material in the exhibit to our reporters to avoid interruptions for clarifications during the court proceedings.

Request the Witness to Be Clear

Many attorneys request deposition witnesses to answer questions loudly rather than through shrugs and head nodding. Advise your witnesses to be loud whenever they speak and minimize the use of nonverbal communication during the proceedings. It may also not work well if the witnesses speak while the attorney is inquiring on an issue, as this brings a cross-talk when recording. Reputable remote court reporting firms will also advise you to intervene appropriately when your witness begins to speak in low tones due to nervousness.

Take Breaks

Witnesses and attorneys are always eager to clear depositions at the earliest possible time. Such scenarios happen when there are several dispositions cued for the day. However, proper reporting in courts requires constant focus and efficient typing. Taking breaks may enhance quality court transcription service, especially when parties involved begin to show signs of incoherence.

Slow Down When Necessary

Our court reporters type fast, and their prowess in this industry keeps our clients satisfied every time they seek our recording services. However, it is always imperative to maintain a steady pace when speaking to ensure reporters do not have to interrupt you for clarifications. We advise you to slow down when reciting rote content like legal citations and reading information into the recording. It is also prudent to remain calm when interactions increase and tensions escalate.

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