Benefits Of Experienced Court Transcription In Chicago

We are a professional court reporting company that can help you with stenography and deposition. If you need assistance with court transcription in Chicago, we’ve got the skills and experience to do the job. Though we operate internationally and work with clients in the Windy City, we are also focused on providing services in Washington, DC, New York, and Los Angeles.

Our reporters are trained and certified in shorthand stenography and are available for use in depositions and other related reporting services. The shorthand we use is in line with standard operating methods within the industry and is easily transferable between lawyers and state and federal agencies that may be involved in the case. All shorthand documents are appropriately backed up and filed.

We are particularly adept at document management and video recorded depositions. All of the needed technological components are double-checked beforehand. Video recorded depositions are set up so that both the video and audio are crystal clear, which helps with subsequent review.

Anyone searching for a reputable courtroom interpreter in Chicago might also consider exhibit duplication, case management, and real-time capability. All of these are crucial to the proper documentation of key cases that are currently working their way through the legal system. Efficient exhibit duplication, for example, is one way that cases can be streamlined for participating agencies.

We offer a number of advanced technologies that may make transcription easier. Text-video integration and telecommunication to modem are key to advancing the case through the system at a reasonable pace. All databases are maintained neatly and rigorously so that needed documents can be retrieved in just a few seconds.

Do you need assistance with transcription in Chicago or the surrounding suburban region? Give us a call at 312-419-9292 to take advantage of our freelance court reporting services today! You’ll be pleased with the professionalism and the results!

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