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WHAT L.A. Court Reporters, LLC CAN OFFER:

  1. Timely transcript delivery; i.e., regular, one-week, expedited, two-day, daily and immediate delivery.
  2. ASCII diskette.
  3. Real-time reporting capability with trained and certified writers.
  4. Videographers.
  5. Interpreters.
  6. In-house exhibit duplication services;
    Our offices provide hand-duplicated exhibit services to
    preserve all exhibits in their original integrity and provide for complete confidentiality of documents.
  7. Document imaging;
    Documents can be transferred to CD ROM to condense document storage as a method of decreasing office overhead and space required for document retention.
  8. Document management.
  9. Nationwide process servers.
  10. Statewide, nationwide and international coverage;
    One telephone call can provide access to a qualified
    certified shorthand reporter in any location including
    airport maps, conference rooms, hotel information,
    limousine services, and restaurant locations.
  11. Case Management;
    Our offices can provide case management from our agency
    to the out-of-town agency, such as continuation of page
    numbers from volume to volume, complete spelling lists,
    and continuity of transcription.
  12. Portable speakerphone available to travel with our reporters.


  1. Our offices call each docket department or secretary on Friday afternoons to determine the next week's schedule to ensure complete coverage.
  2. Our offices confirm each deposition around 1:00 p.m. the day before the deposition.

L.A. Court Reporters, LLC PAYMENT OPTIONS:

  1. C.O.D.
  2. 15-day payment schedule.
  3. 30-day payment schedule.
  4. Quarterly payment schedule.


  1. Modem to modem transfer of data.
  2. Faxing of transcripts.
  3. Deferred C.O.D. on out-of-state deps.
  4. After-hours access to agency owner's personal number
    (upon request) for emergencies.


  1. No additional charges for video, evidence or telephone depositions.
    (Quality is expected at all times)
  2. No additional charge for non-written assignments.
  3. Standby work welcome without charge while awaiting call.
  4. No cancellation fees unless reporter is already enroute.
  5. No mileage charges.
  6. No travel charged unless the time exceeds one hour, or unless other arrangements have been made when arranging deposition.
  7. Full-time secretarial staff to answer any questions or concerns.
  8. Our offices routinely have a minimum of one court reporter in the office for a last-minute scheduling.
  9. Full-service conference room facilities.
  10. Timely witness affidavit/errata page dissemination.
  11. Routine spot-checks on all transcripts.


  1. When reviewing agency rates, is there an additional charge for technical, video, expert or interpreter depositions?
  2. When you request an agency to fax their rates, are the rates current & will you get any "surprises" when you recieve your bill?
  3. Based on the size of the agency, can they handle multiple assignments, still maintain quality control, and remain consistent with one case's terminology and spellings?
  4. Does the agency have hands-on access to court reporters for timely and accurate assignment scheduling in order to accurately route assignments and receive completed transcripts in a timely fashion?
  5. Does the agency have a thorough and complete understanding of procedures to follow when involved with an interpreter deposition?
  6. If a prospective agency's rates are inconsistent with the majority of agencies, why? It's possible you'll get what you pay for.
  7. Will the agency be able to provide support when the law firm requests litigation support diskettes?
  8. Will the agency provide office support and personnel during normal business hours, or will an answering machine be in its place?
  9. How long has the agency been in existence versus the length of time the agency owner has been a certified shorthand reporter?

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